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This is you Guide to all of Maplestory!

This is Based on GMS, but there will be some info on subjects to come out later in GMS in which case it would be stated at the top.


This Guide IS New, so don’t expect EVERYTHING to be here, although if you do want something that you can’t find leave a comment in the “Something Missing?” section (can be found near bottom of the sidebar) and I will look into it and post it on my website soon enough.


This guide will only be updated when I’m bored, ALTHOUGH I will update if something is asked for in the “Something Missing? Tell Me What It Is” page.  I check that page each day I come home from school so it should be up within 1-3 days depending on how difficult it is to find the information asked for.

New Maplers:

New to MapleBasic Job Info,  Choosing a Job

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